On Pharma Boardroom, CEO Hung-Kai Kevin Chen talked about the unique approaches of Elixiron on immunotherapies for hard-to-treat cancers and chronic hepatitis B infection (10th, June, 2019)
Jun. 26 2019

Dr. Hung-Kai Kevin Chen, the founder and CEO of Elixiron Immunotherapeutics, recently (10th June, 2019) talked on the Pharma Boardroom. Dr. Chen talked about company pipelines and the unique philosophy of Elixiron’s approaches to the hard-to-treat cancers and to chronic hepatitis B infections. Also shared are his visions on the strengths of Taiwan for setting up a biotech company.

More details can be found at https://pharmaboardroom.com/interviews/hung-kai-kevin-chen-co-founder-ceo-elixiron/