Tsung-Wen Kuo, M.D., Ph.D.
Senior Medical Director

Tsung-Wen Kuo is Senior Medical Director of Elixiron Immunotherapeutics, providing medical leadership for clinical development of immunotherapeutic programs.  Most recently, Tsung-Wen served as Medical Director at TOT Biopharm Suzhou China, where he supported two clinical trials (Phase I & III) of oncology programs.  Prior to joining TOT, he was a Senior Director of Medical Research and Operations at PharmaEssentia Corp Taiwan.  In addition to his former role at PharmaEssentia, Tsung-Wen served as Product Physician at Pfizer Limited Taiwan (2014-2016), Medical Advisor at Abbott Laboratories/AbbVie Pharmaceuticals, Taiwan Branch (2011-2014) and Medical Officer at Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC, 2009-2011). Prior to CDC Taiwan, Tsung-Wen served as Public Health Epidemiologist at Department of Health & Social Services, City of Stamford, Connecticut (2005-2009).  Tsung-Wen earned his M.D. from National Taiwan University, M.S. in public health and Ph.D. in Epidemiological Science from University of Michigan.  He received internal medicine residency training at Taipei Municipal Zhong Xing Hospital.